Vietnam 1972

I arrived in Vietnam November 4, 1971. I ended up in the 129th Assault Helicopter Company about 3 months later. I was a crew chief on Bulldog 351 until becoming a WIA September 9, 1972 while flying a mission in the Binh Dinh province near the town of BonSon on Hwy #1.

Lane Army Heliport

Cobra Gun Ship

Lane Army Heliport

LZ, southwest of Miami Beach

Lane Army Heliport

Local Flight and stopped in at Lane. CPT Goodnight was AC

Flight line from the church on the hill

What a day for CPT Goodnght

Robert Torres & Sgt. Irizarry

Robert Torres

Search Lights

Maintance Time

This is me in My Seat

Robert Carrizales, refueling AC at Phu Cat Airbase

SP4 Robert Carrizales. He was a door gunner.

Some men of the 1st flight

Puff at Phu Cat Airbase

SP4 Robert Carrizales

Reloading after a day of shooting.

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