Recording of Flight of September 9, 1972

On September 9, 1972 the co-pilot, Lee Hendrix, was recording the radios. He was monitoring 3 different radios at the same time so the recording gets very busy with conversations at times. On the right side of the image are the call signs to help you know who is talking. The adviser, 99, is on the helicopter with us, he is setting next to me. That is why he told M15 "we have a WIA", he saw I was hit. The red text is the text to follow. My cursor is with most of conversation. The blue text conversation is between the Cobra gunships. You can also use the slider at the bottom of the screen to backup. Maybe I can do a better job later.

When Cpt Palmer said "I'm losing the controls" I thought to myself, I will be dead in just a few minutes. About 2 weeks earlier, I had seen an ARVN huey get hit in the same area. It caught fire and dropped straight down like a rock. I my mind that is what I saw was going to happen to us.

When I was in Vietnam, I was a Christian, but I would still lay on my bunk at night and wonder could I know if I was killed would I go to Heaven. Could I know that for sure? I learned I could know for SURE! How about you are you curious to know how?

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